New York Street Food 2.0 Is Coming!

Big D's Khao Cart


To everyone who was disappointed when New York Street Food closed its doors at the beginning of the year, your prayers have been answered. NYSF 2.0 is coming!

After closing up shop, we were contacted by a couple of guys who were interested in buying New York Street Food and taking it to the next level. We were able to strike a deal, and it may take a week or two to get things rolling, but with this brutal weather, it’s not like street food is hot right now anyway. Nothing can be hot in these temperatures.

We met with them last week, and they are seriously into food in general, and street food in particular. With two of them, and a few of their friends, they should be able to cover even more ground than we did.

They are also a couple of smart guys. How do we know? They’ve asked us to stay on to help ensure a smooth transition, and to continue writing some reviews.

More news and reviews will be coming soon, so make sure to check back regularly. Things will be back to normal shortly.