Top Chefs to Follow On in 2021

top chefs to follow

Searching for the top chefs to follow this year? Well, social media can be a scary place. In 2020 it couldn’t have gotten much scarier. Pretty much every platform was awash with political bile, throwaway content fueled by clickbait of the lowest kind as well as a steady stream of ‘fake news’. 2021 might not be much better…

However, there is perhaps an escape. Whereas the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are, to varying degrees of annoyance, very toxic places to spend your valuable time. Instagram is very much the place to go if you just want to give your eyes, and mind, something of a treat. 

Very much a feast for the eyes, Instagram has become quite the place to go if you happen to love food, and in particular, if you want to keep on top of what leading chefs have to say, as well as keeping on top of what they have to make. By the way, as an aside, stay clear from TikTok unless you are under 21, otherwise, you’ll never fully comprehend what you are watching…

Top chefsWhen it comes to the chefs to follow this year, here are a few to whet your appetite.

5 Top Chefs You Should Follow:

1. Rene Redzepi

Now when it comes to chefs who post photos of delicious foods then they don’t get much better than this guy. He’s the head chef at two-Michelin star Noma in Copenhagen and he’s a great chef to follow, especially during this lockdown period. 

His feed covers interesting topics, with lots of great video content, as well as gorgeous examples of the meals he puts together. Anyone who is aware of Noma, which is one of the most beautifully designed restaurants in Europe, will appreciate what Rene has to say and show via his rapidly growing Instagram page.

Watch this video of Rene:

2. David Chang

As well as his Instagram being full to bursting with great updates and engrossing video content, he also provides some super simple, but tasty, recipes that even the mere mortals among us can put together, especially given that we are spending far too much of our time stuck at home right now!

Chang is the founder of the Momofuku restaurant group that includes the likes of the Momofuku milk bar and Momofuku noodle chains, which we adore due to it’s simply dishy bright, and airy restaurant design.

Watch this video of David Chang:

3. Tom Aikens

This Michelin-starred chef is also a good chef to follow and his brutal attacks on British government figures during the latest lockdown are also entertaining to behold. Aikens recently opened Muse, a fine dining extravaganza in London with an amazing design aesthetic, posts regularly. 

His Instagram efforts include some great recipes and some eye-catching pics of his own creations. With over 100,000 followers engrossed by his social postings, it’s safe to say this is a great chef to follow in 2021. 

Watch this video of Tom Aikens as he cooks some delicious dishes:

4. Padma Lakshmi

Not strictly a famous chef, though a very competent one for sure, Padma is a well-known presenter, actress, activist, and former model. Her Instagram account covers a multitude of topics but key among them are related to food. 

Along with her interesting and thought-provoking social commentary posts, Padma also puts up a number of interesting and accessible recipes that we know from experience are easy to follow and produce successful results. 

With over a million followers clearly Padma has a large fanbase who are very much in tune with what she’s broadcasting via her Instagram account. 

Watch this video of Padma as she destroys spicy wings:

5. Massimo Bottura

Multi Michelin-starred chef Bottura is, in our view, the king of chefs on Instagram. Massimo runs the super classy Osteria Francescana in Modena, a restaurant of sheer exquisite design and it turns out he’s also a damn good person to follow on social media channels.

Bottura launched free ‘Kitchen Quarantine’ cooking classes at the beginning of the lockdown last year and his fresh approach and positivity frankly make him a very addictive chef to keep tabs on. 

His celebrity chef recipes are inviting and not impossible to recreate and we find his attitude a perfect antidote to the anger and resentment that social media channels often engender.

Watch this video of Massimo to learn how to make pesto:

Make the Most of It

Following top chefs on Instagram may well be the best way to stay culinary chic given that at least for the moment, your chances of actually sitting in a restaurant chair enjoying a chef-cooked meal is unlikely.

Make the most of what Instagram has to offer when it comes to trying out new bespoke recipes from the masters or just to keep you up close and personal with the chefs you particularly admire. 

At least the viewing of that elegant sumptuous dessert from the comfort of your device results in fewer calories than if you were meeting it in person on a Friday night.