Kickstarter Campaign: Clever Umbrella Features Map of New York

new york map

What if you could have an umbrella with a built in map of New York City printed on it so that you can stay dry while also being able to find out where you need to go?

That is the clever idea of a new Kickstarter campaign seeking funds on the crowdfunding platform.

Rainmap, the company behind the imaginative idea has billed it as the “perfect city umbrella.” Originally created in Germany, popularity of the umbrella grew to the point that they launched versions for several cities.

Now they are taking their umbrella international and seeking the help of Kickstarter fans. Initial production runs will feature three different umbrellas with three different cities featured: London, Paris, and New York.

With 18 days left to go in the campaign, they have raised more than $8,000 towards their goal of $39,000.

Umbrella Features & Specifications

The umbrella is constructed with high-quality materials to hold up to the elements and last for many years of use.

Additionally, it is very compact and ideal for travelers who need to pack light and economically given today’s baggage fees.

When closed, the umbrella measures a diminutive 9 inches in length and only 2 inches in width.

When deployed, the umbrella measures 37.5 inches in diameter and 21 inches in height.

Most importantly, it has a non-slip handle with inversion proof design that allows it to hold up to strong winds without getting damaged.

Socially Conscious

Rainmap is a socially responsible company with stringent requirements of their manufacturers.

“To ensure that our products are manufactured under fair and proper conditions, our production     premises are audited in accordance with the approach recommended by the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative). The last report in January 2015 contained the following confirmation: No child labour, no prison or forced labour, 8 working hours per day, buildings were maintained in safe conditions.”   – Source: DBID 3241, Audit ID 26558

Assuming they reach their funding goal, the company plans to deliver the umbrellas in time for spring rains around April of 2016.

If you are interested in learning more about the umbrella and the rewards for funding the project, please check out their Kickstarter campaign.​


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