Commercial Kitchen Equipment You Need for Your Restaurant

commercial kitchen equipment

If you’re looking to open a new restaurant, then you have to consider the kitchen. This is the life of the restaurant because it’ll determine its efficiency and overall success. With the recent growth in the hospitality industry, the demand for quality kitchen equipment is on the rise.

Many industry experts predict the kitchen equipment industry to hit about $112 billion in 2025. While the kitchen is the force behind every restaurant, you don’t have to break the bank in order to afford the equipment. There are various sites which offer used kitchen equipment like Fort Lauderdale Used Restaurant Equipment which offers quality equipment for reduced prices.

However, if you’re looking to open a restaurant, here’s what you need.

The Commercial Kitchen Equipment List:

1. Commercial Refrigerators

Since you’re in the commercial space, you’ll need refrigeration equipment which will keep food for a long time. By keeping food fresh, you’ll save on money needed to buy various ingredients on a daily basis.

When it comes to the type of refrigerators, consider the capacity and size according to your restaurant’s needs. If you’ll have more than 100 people in the restaurant at one go, then you’ll need a bigger storage.

The features will also influence the efficiency of the staff. Go for reach-in refrigerators which will assist your staff. Nevertheless, if you have a large establishment, the best choice will be a walk-in cooler.

2. Ice Machine

There’s no way you’ll get into the restaurant business without an ice machine, especially if it’s a large establishment. With ice machines, you’ll be able to serve cold drinks without worrying about ice. The ice can be dispensed into a soda fountain or an ice bin.

These machines also allow you to make smoothies, slushies and margaritas.’

3. Commercial Grills

There’re a number of foods you can grill including burgers, pancakes and steaks. For this type of job on a large scale, you’ll need to acquire a commercial grill.

According to the Blog, if you’re looking for the basic grills, a flat-top grill is a good option. These grills can be used for any type of food while also allowing you to prepare other foods on the side. All at one go.

You can also go for more purposeful grills such as the panini grill which is mainly used to press Italian sandwiches. Then there’re tortilla grills used in Mexican restaurants.

4. Linens and Cookware

What is a kitchen without cookware? These are the minor items in the kitchen which can also be quite confusing. Therefore, it’s best if you list all the kitchen equipment you need so that you cover everything.

As much as cookware is essential in every kitchen, the specifics will depend on the chef’s skills and the cuisines your restaurant will serve. The essentials include items such as baking pans, pots, pans, spatulas, ladles, whisks and tongs.

Yes, and knives!

You’ll also need various linens such as rags and towels which the staff will need to clean the utensils and handle hot equipment.

5. Oven

An oven is a basic necessity in every restaurant, but there are numerous types of ovens. There’re the convection and conventional ovens. Then you have the pizza ovens which also come in different types such as conveyor ovens, deck ovens and brick ovens.

The type of food you’ll prepare and how fast you want it will determine the type of oven you’ll choose.

6. Safety Equipment

The law requires every restaurant to be fitted with safety equipment. In addition, you also have to look at the health aspect of the kitchen. If you don’t comply with the set-out rules, your business won’t take off.

Security equipment includes security cameras, wet floor signs, goggles, aprons, fire extinguishers and oven mitts.


For your restaurant to succeed, you need to seek the best equipment in the game. this will boost your productivity, service delivery and in the long run, it will increase your profits. However, your guiding factor will be your budget and your staff.