Verdict: Go to Gogo Grill?


Although the Gogo Grill sounds like some contraption Inspector Gadget uses to cook food while flying on his Gogo Gadget Chopper, the Gogo Grill is actually a lunch cart located in the Financial District that serves a unique variety of foods.

With vegetarian and meat options to cater to the desires of all stomachs, I chose the Battery Burger—a quarter pounder with lettuce, onions, pickles and Swiss cheese (there is an option for cheddar cheese as well), with some house-made ketchup and aioli; all served on an English muffin that the Gogo Grill makes from scratch.Gogo Grill Battery Burger #2

For a flat $7 (cash only) I got a hearty burger garnished with fresh condiments. While the burger could have used more flavor, the aioli and ketchup provided a unique taste that made up for the burger’s lack of seasoning. Before choosing to lunch on the Battery Burger, I considered eating the Garibaldi ($7), Gogo Grill’s take on a pulled pork sandwich that many veteran Gogo-goers I spoke with swore was delicious. The Gogo Grill’s vegetarian options include a naan wrap with falafels ($6), and a grilled eggplant sandwich ($6), both of which can be turned into salads if the Kale Salad ($4-6) on the menu didn’t sound appetizing already.

The Grill also has daily specials, one of which was a turnip soup with Swiss cheese.

Open Monday through Friday, from 11:30AM – 3:30PM, the Gogo Grill is located on Bowling Green Plaza, sandwiched between the beautiful National Museum of the American Indian, and the famed Wall Street Bull. It’s also conveniently located near the Staten Island Ferry, making the Grill easily accessible for those looking for a quick lunch between their commute.

Gogo Grill Battery Burger #3Just as a caveat to those looking to go to the Grill, be wary of a line; being that the Grill is popular with New Yorkers working in the Financial District, I found myself waiting behind 4 other people despite having come to the cart at 1:30PM.

The Gogo Grill provides a filling lunch at a surprisingly low cost, with all menu items costing less than $10, including a side of 4 falafels for $3 and house-made sweet potato chips for $2.

Visit the Gogo Grill’s website to scan the menu, to find a recipe on how to make their delicious English muffins, or to inquire about their catering services. Also check out the Gogo Grill on Facebook and Twitter pages to see daily specials and announcements about changes to their schedule.


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