6th Annual NY Food Film Festival Opens Tonight

The 6th Annual NY Food Film Festival opens today and runs through Sunday, Oct 21st. While most of the events are sold out, there are still tickets and waitlisting available for a couple of events.

Highlights include a Food Porn Party, Lowcountry Oyster Roast, and the event we would love to attend, Single Malt Whisky: The Islay 8 at the NY Distilling Co. Our tickets must have gotten lost in the mail. The Islay film trailer is here.

Click here to see what tickets are still available, but there aren’t many at this point. However, even if an event is listed as Sold Out, tickets may be available through their deal partners, Daily Candy and Underground Eats.

The official festival website is here, and the festival trailer is below. (If the video doesn’t work, it’s on the homepage of the festival website.)


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