Making CBD Ice Cream in 5 Steps

Making CBD Ice cream

Yes, CBD oil is practical, and vaping CBD is efficient. But nothing can beat the fun of making and consuming your own CBD edibles. And a lot of them are actually quite easy to make.

CBD remains stable when mixed with almost anything you eat, and it only starts to degrade at very high temperatures. Meaning that you can add CBD to your coffee, water, juice, or turkey to create CBD infused versions of all of the above. Making CBD ice cream is similarly easy. Here’s how you can do it in five steps.

Ingredients For Making Your CBD Ice Cream

You’ll need two cups of heavy cream and one can of condensed milk to form the basic structure of your ice cream. We’ll cover extra ingredients in the actual steps of the guide – this recipe is very easy to customize, and we encourage you to do so.

Step 1: Choose your CBD product

There are four main ways to get CBD into your food, and they can all be used for your ice cream recipe. You can infuse food using CBD oil, tinctures, isolates, and by adding decarboxylated hemp to it.

For your first batch, you should use whatever CBD product you have at hand. Just bear in mind that only CBD isolates are tasteless — the other three options will likely lend your ice-cream a strong earthly taste.

As for the concentration you should use, that’s entirely up to you. Just remember that edibles have fairly low bioavailability. Meaning that placing 100mg of CBD under your tongue causes a much stronger reaction than ingesting the same amount.

Step 2: Whip the cream

Your whipped cream will be the foundation of the ice cream, so make sure you get it right. Pour your cream into a bowl and whisk it until it forms nice fluffy peaks. It’s easier to turn cream into whipped cream if you cool it down first; you can also use a mixer if you have one. Be mindful of over-mixing — going too far will turn fluffy cream into lumpy butter.

Once you have the cream, set it aside, and get a different container for the next step.

Step 3: Mix CBD with flavor

Here’s where all the customization options come in. You need to pour the condensed milk into a container and mix it with your desired amount of CBD.

Here’s where you can add any flavor aids you desire. Including molten chocolate, vanilla, chopped mint, pieces of different fruits, honey, sugar, and anything else you can think of. You can even mix other flavors of ice cream (half-melted) into the condensed milk to create an infused Frankenstein. Hey, it’s not crazy if it tastes good.

Get everything mixed into a creamy consistency, so it’ll combine effortlessly with your whipped cream.

CBD ice cream
Who doesn’t like Ice Cream?

Step 4: Flavor the cream

Once you have your infused flavor mixture ready, all you have to do is pour it on top of your whipped cream. Mix the two slowly until all the elements combine to form a single substance.

Step 5: Freeze and serve

Leave your infused mixture in the freezer for about six hours, and you’re done. Your CBD ice cream will be ready to serve and enjoy. And if you’d like more ideas on how to cook with CBD, check out this Cibdol tutorial.


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