Schnitzel & Things Opening A New Cart This Week

Pork schnitzel platter and vanilla panna cotta w/blueberries

A thing of beauty (credit: NYSF)

One of NYC’s food truck pioneers, Schnitzel & Things, announced they will be opening a new food cart this week.

After closing their store on 3rd Ave in midtown earlier this year, we heard S&T was looking to open a place in Williamsburg.

Now it sounds like they are opening a new food cart instead.

Details are slim so far, only a tweet that said: “ please check the blog for next weeks locations. Also, launching a NEW S&T food cart this week:) can’t wait!”

A little later, they tweeted: “The tentative plan is to land the cart somewhere in FIDI. Haven’t seen you guys in a long time. #schnitzification . Stay tuned:)”

We’re bummed they won’t be in midtown, but hopefully they will move the cart around to different location of different days.

You can find the exact S&T Cart location on twitter here or on our Mobile Munchies twitter feed.

Our prediction – another success for the S&T team, who were Winners of the 2009 Vendy Award for Rookie of the Year, and a Vendy Cup Finalist in 2010.

Wow, that seems like such a long time ago!

S&T winning Rookie of the Year (credit: NYSF)

S&T winning Rookie of the Year (credit: NYSF)

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