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The Cinnamon Snail Is Back On The Street Tomorrow

(credit: NYSF)

Hulk Hogan Transvestive Fudgy Wudgy (credit: NYSF)

You may have noticed the Cinnamon Snail has not been on the street the past couple of weeks. That’s because they had serious mechanical problems with the truck.

We just heard from Adam Sobel, the Big Snail Kahuna, who tells us Snailly now has a brand new engine and transmission.

The good news is you will be able to get a Hulk Hogan Transvestite Fudgy Wudgy again starting tomorrow.

The bad news is it cost them a lot of donuts for a new engine and transmission.

We know you missed your Cinnamon Snail fix, and were going through withdrawal, just like we were.

Click through to see where the Cinnamon Snail will be over the next few days.

The Cinnamon Snail will be at:

Thursday: 21st & 5th

Friday: 47th & Park

Saturday: in the vicinity of Union Square (exact location tba)

Sunday: Red Bank NJ

You know how changeable things can be on NYC streets, so check their location on twitter here or on our Mobile Munchies twitter feed.

(credit: NYSF)

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