Parked! A Food Truck Festival Returns To The Seaport On August 4th

Parked is one of the granddaddy’s of New York’s food truck festivals. They went through some growing pains in the early years, but last year’s event was considered to be a success by most people attending.

You know what that means. The 5th Annual Parked! A Food Truck Festival will take place on Saturday, August 4 from 10am-9pm at South Street Seaport.

There will be food, drinks, music, magicians, and more. Last year they had over 30 food trucks. This year’s food trucks have not yet been announced, but with about 30, your favorite ones are bound to be included.

The event is free to attend.

You can skip the lines with a VIP Pass, but there are certain limits and restrictions to the VIP Pass (such as it’s only good from 5-7pm), so click here for more info. On the plus side, only 500 VIP Passes are being sold.

Best of luck to Mean Red in putting on a big, successful food truck festival this year. It’s not easy.

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