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We received an email from Jeremy, the new owner of the NYC Pizza Truck.  He just purchased the business about a week ago, and wanted to let us know that the truck is still on the road and kicking, and to give us some updates.

The truck looks the same as before, but Jeremy tells us they have worked on improving the pizza quality quite a bit.  They are planning to do toppings in the near future, possibly with a special topping each week.

Click through for some of the other changes coming to the NYC Pizza Truck.

According to Jeremy, $1 slices just don’t work.  The quality suffers because they can’t afford decent ingredients, and everyone knows you need repeat customers for a successful business.

They are looking to sell the slices for $2 to begin with, but one of the problems is that people in Union Square know them for $1 slices.  To split the difference, slices at Union Square will be $1.50, and the special at Union Square is 2 slices and a soda for $3.75.

Their mainstay spot is still Union Square in the late afternoons and on weekends.  During the weekday lunch hours, they have been parked around Water St. downtown, and sometimes they go up to 29th and Broadway.

The NYC Pizza Truck twitter page is the same, but the website is being completely redone.

We will try to get there as soon as possible.  Has anyone tried the new pizza from the NYC Pizza Truck? If you have, please leave a comment.

This is what the old NYC Pizza Truck slice looked like. We haven't tried the new one yet.




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