truck used

I found another new food truck today called the NYC Pizza Truck.  It’s located on Broadway between 28th & 29th St and had a big sign on the windshield saying “Slice of Pizza $1″, which attracted a bunch of people.

The guys in the truck directed me to Adam, the owner standing nearby, who said they just opened this week.  For now they only had “Grandma” slices for $1, which he said had fresh mozzarella cheese, tomatoes and oregano.   Adam also told me they were expecting to put new ovens in the truck within the next 2 weeks.

The pizza was square like Sicilian, but didn’t have tomato sauce.  It looked really good, but I already had lunch today, so I just took a picture for now.  Check back Monday around lunchtime for a full review.

Here’s their website and twitter account.  Buon Appetit!

slice 1

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