flower market

Eventi, a luxury hotel opening in June in Chelsea, is trying to create buzz through its public outdoor plaza. The 20,000-square-foot Food Parc will include a 20-foot-wide multimedia screen that can be used to display movies—and could compete with the popular screenings that are held at Bryant Park.

“We could have a movie program in the summertime,” says Thomas Mathes, general manager of Eventi.  The property is owned by Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants, which also operates hip boutique hotels The Muse, 70 Park Avenue and Ink48.

Restaurateur Jeffrey Chodorow will open a Basque-style restaurant in the hotel in the fall and run Food Parc, which will feature carts and stalls from a number of top chefs.  No word yet on exactly who will be featured.

Occupying an entire block on Sixth Avenue between West 29th and West 30th streets, Eventi straddles the garment and flower districts—not the most happening neighborhood. “We are trying to change that to create a space where people want to gravitate,” says Mr. Mathes. [Crain’s New York]

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